Auto Parts Maintenance Ten Points For Attention—six

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Fear of the "oil" engine dry type air filter paper filter, hygroscopicity strong, such as with oil, easy to cause higher levels of mixture to inhale air cylinder, the air quantity is insufficient, fuel consumption increase and the decrease of the engine power, diesel engine may cause "flying car";If the triangle tape on oil, will accelerate the corrosion of aging, prone to slip at the same time, results in the decrease of transmission efficiency;Brake shoe, dry clutch friction plate and brake band, if stained with oil, prone to skid, working poor, thereby threatening the safety of driving;Starting motor and generator carbon brush, stained with oil pollution is caused by poor contact starting motor power is insufficient, the generator voltage is too low.Tire and rubber is sensitive to corrosion of oil, can make the rubber soft contact with oil or peeling, contact for a short period of time will lead to abnormal damage of tires or even seriously damaged.

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