The design requirements of brake disc

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     Brake disc at work not only by the brake piece of exerting a lot of normal force and tangential force, but also the heat load of bear is much bigger than the brake drum, its the highest surface temperature can reach 800 ℃, under the action of high temperature may warp, causing friction noise and scrape.

  In order to make the brake disc with the proper thermal capacity and good heat dissipation performance, structure and thickness must be given sufficient consideration.The structure of the brake disc is divided into solid type and ventilation type two kinds, which can decrease the temperature rise of 20% ~ 30%.Audi, Cherokee, santana 2000, most cars adopt ventilated brake disc, its thickness between 20-22.5 mm;Other imported car USES 10 ~ 13 mm thickness of solid type brake disc.Brake disc material is gray cast iron, or additions such as Cr, Ni alloy cast iron.Manufacturing should strictly control the brake disc amount of face runout, both ends the parallel degree (thickness) and unbalance.In the use of the limit of the brake disc face runout amount shall not exceed 0.06 ~ 0.15 mm.

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