Brake system common faults

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1.Braking failure, namely the brake system malfunctioned, completely lost the braking ability.

2.Braking distance, beyond the allowable limit.

3.Brakeing devlation

 Refers to the cars drive straight line braking, steering wheel rotation on its own, make the car produces to the phenomenon.

 Because when the car brake, deviation from the original path, and thus is often cause a crash, groove, or even overturned, such as the root cause of the accident, so you must attach importance to it

 Causes of running deviation: left and right wheel braking range, the growth rate of left and right wheel braking force, especially the steering wheel, so be about the whole process of wheel braking force to brake force growth difference make provision, and the wheels of front and rear shafts.

4.Braking skid.

 When the car brake, the wheel of the wheel of an axis or two axis horizontal sliding occurs, this phenomenon is called braking sideslip

5.Braking drag

 In the road, after using the brake on the brake pedal, then pick up the brake pedal, can quickly remove brake phenomenon called brake lag, drag brake lag will delay then start moving.

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